Agilent VSpin


Agilent VSpin™


Microplate Centrifuge: Twin bucket with a 250g capacity per bucket. 0-3000RPM in approximately 7.5 seconds. Silent operation. For use with Biocel system and other integrations.

  Agilent (formerly Velocity 11) Vspin™ Spin Down Station: Designed simple software interface allows users to specifiy the centrifugation settings . Compatible with some reagent dispensers, plate shakers, plate readers, sealers, washers, compound reformatters, plate storage systems, etc. when used with an automated plate handler/robot for integration and appropriate compatible software.
Plate type:
Performance: Approximately 7.5 seconds 0-3000 RPM
Height 20.6cm (8.1”) Width 32.8cm (12.9”) Depth 45.7 cm (18”)
Weight: 26 kg (58 lbs)


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