• Cybio Vario

    Liquid Handler: High throughput robotic workstation suitable for all liquid handling tasks.Interchangeable heads for 96, 384 and 1536 pipetting at ranges from 25nl – 250ul. Five position carriage, active tip wash and four high capacity stackers give outstanding performance and throughput.

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  • MultiDrop Combi

    Microplate Dispenser: 8 Channel bulk dispensing for volumes from 0.5 to 2500µL into Microplates with 6 to 1536 wells, with a low dead volume and back flush. Fast, reliable, programmable and can be integrated onto automation platforms or used standalone.

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  • Agilent 384 ST

    Pipette Head: High precision interchangeable pipette heads for use with Agilent Bravo™ and VPrep™ systems.

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  • Agilent Plateloc

    Heat Sealer: Bench top thermal heat sealing system, combining the benefits of reliability and performance within an industry leading compact size.

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  • Agilent VPrep

    Liquid Handler: Highly compact and versatile pipetting system for independent and integrated operations. Eight plate positions, interchangeable heads and active wash stations make the VPrep™ systems a perfect solution for a wide range of laboratory pipetting techniques.

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  • Biotek ELX 405 C

    Microplate washer: Fully automated deepwell microplate washer, suitable for both bench top and integrated operations. Interchangeable 96 and 384 manifolds enable the system to perform both aspiration and dispense washing steps within a wide range of microplate types. Extremely repeatable performance makes the ELX especially effective in many cell based operations.

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  • Innovatis Cedex MS20C

    Cell Counter: Automated cell counting system for use within cell culture operations. Based on the Trypan Blue cell staining method, the Cedex provides accurate and reliable results for cell count and cell viability. The integrated sampling system provides increased throughput for time driven operations.

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  • Perkin Elmer Envision

    Plate reader: Advanced HTS multi wavelength reader with versatile upgrade options, capable of reading 96 384 1536 and 3456 plates, with high-speed detectors. Suitable for automation integration or stand alone applications.

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  • Perkin Elmer Topcount

    Plate Reader: Radioisotopic and luminescent reader suitable for Beta, gamma, solid scintillation, liquid scintillation, filter counting, Cerenkov counting, and scintillating Microplate counting in 24, 96 and 384 formats. Automation integration or stand alone functionality.

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  • Agilent 4R

    Stacker: Increased plate capacity, for unattended reliable microplate handling using 4 high volume stacks. Able to stack from either the left or the right.

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  • Agilent VSpin

    Microplate Centrifuge: Twin bucket with a 250g capacity per bucket. 0-3000RPM in approximately 7.5 seconds. Silent operation. For use with Biocel system and other integrations.

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  • Thermo RapidStak

    Microplate Stacker : A high capacity stacker that can stack unlidded and lidded microplates. Can be fully integrated with the Multidrop Combi™

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  • PlateMate Plus Pipette Head 30ul

    384 well 30ul pipette head for PlateMate Plus, 2X2 and 2X3 liquid handlers

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  • FluidX XRD

    Liquid dispenser: A compact liquid dispenser for 96, 384 and 1536 well formats with a range from 5nl to 200ul with autoclavable heads.Touch screen panel and LCD display enables easy programming and the ability to store and save up to 100 programmes.

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  • Agilent Bravo

    Liquid Handler: Fully automated bench top liquid handling system with interchangeable heads and deck gripper. Nine position deck configurable for a wide range of options; weigh stations barcode readers, heat and cool pads and many more. Easily integrated with the Agilent Benchcel™ 4R robotic stacker system and VWorks™ software.

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  • Tecan Evo

    Liquid Handler: 8 Span automated pipette station with a huge range of options
    Supplied with Tecan Gemini or Evoware, the system is fully adaptable for nearly all plate types and processes and can be integrated with a range of Tecan peripherals.

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  • Matrix PlateMate Plus

    Liquid Handler: Supporting 96, 384 and 1536 plate replication, reformatting and serial dilution. Interchangeable heads suitable for volumes from 0.1µl - 300 µl. Large plate capacity with quad stackers.

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The Flexible Solution

Dedicated to the provision and service of automated lab equipment at affordable prices. Whether you are looking to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, or just test equipment for potential purchase, we can help. We provide fully supported equipment from leading instrumentation manufacturers.


Europe's largest stock of quality pre-owned laboratory automation


Service Provider

Increase your customer service and presence within Europe



Extend the life cycle of the instrumentation and reduce failure frequency.



Ad-hoc breakdown support.



Bespoke training for equipment operation and safety.



We have moved a wide range of machinery and equipment.


Custom Services

Customised solutions and optimum performance.

We only supply high quality laboratory instrumentation, fully serviced and tested to OEM standards
All quoted prices include our full 120 day warranty* for complete peace of mind, so you can buy with absolute confidence.

We can arrange for full testing** at the Flexible Lab Solutions facility on the Kent Science Park prior to purchase, so clients can be sure that chosen instruments are suitable for their requirements.

All purchased instrument comes with our premium support package for the full warranty period. Extended warranties are available at additional cost.

All quoted prices include standard packaging. Warranties for rental instruments are extended to the whole rental period.

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