Innovatis Cedex MS20C


Innovatis Cedex™ MS20C


Cell Counter: Automated cell counting system for use within cell culture operations. Based on the Trypan Blue cell staining method, the Cedex provides accurate and reliable results for cell count and cell viability. The integrated sampling system provides increased throughput for time driven operations.

  The Innovatis Cedex™ was the first automated cell counting system based on the well-established Trypan Blue exclusion method for determining cell viability. This proven technology has become the "Industry Gold Standard" in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. A simple operator friendly design with dynamic and innovative software enables the user to perform a wide range of analysis from a simple sample of culture suspension. Measurements include viable and non-viable cell counts, diameter, aggregate and compactness with real time , frame by frame analysis available during processing management either at the machine or via computer link to your desk. Sample handling, staining, cell counting and graphical analysis of the results are performed automatically by the Cedex. Pictures are automatically archived and easily available for downloading for presentations. The MS20C Multisampler enables the automation up to 20 samples in sequence without the need for user interference. Other features include ease of reagent replenishment and integrated cleaning protocols.

Size 15.7 cm x 24.8 cm x 34.5 cm (W x D x H)
Weight 7.85 kg
Method of Measurement Digital image recognition
Detectable Cell Density Range 1 x 104 - 1 x 107 cells/ml
Detectable Cell Diameter Range 5 - 180 µm
Required Sample Volume 10 µl
Measurement Period
(depending on number of preselected images) Approximately 20 seconds
Operating Temperature
(optimal image quality is achieved between +20°C - +30°C) +10°C to +40°C (+50°F to +100°F)
Operating Humidity 20 - 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)

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