Tecan® Systems

We offer a full range of support options for many of current and “obsolete” Tecan™ laboratory instruments.

With a large stock of new and used OEM parts, we can offer cost effective solutions to repair and maintain the Evo™ and Genesis series liquid handling systems. Other supported instruments include the PW384™ and Ultra™ microplate readers. We also stock hardlock dongles for the Evoware™ and Gemini™ operating software.



Preventative Maintenance

Breakdown Support

Operational Qualification (Tecan™ precision testing)

Instrument transportation



Obsolete Instrument?

If your instrument is no longer supported by Tecan™, why not give us a call and see if we can offer an alternative? We fully support the Genesis series liquid handlers and can keep your system running for many years into the future.


Service your own instrument?


Why not check out our full range of PM kits