Routine Maintenance

Flexible Lab Solutions are committed to executing routine maintenance procedures, essential in extending the life cycle of the instrumentation and reducing failure frequency.

Our In-House technical experts have focused on writing bespoke PM procedures, that deliver value based on usage, criticality and age. We can provide the following solutions -

  • Ad-Hoc Service visits
  • Flexible Contracted PM service agreements
  • Equipment Validation
  • Technical PM Documentation
  • Engineer Training
  • User Maintenance SOP’s

 Routine maintenance is an essential part of all laboratory instrumentation ownership.Emergency repairs can have serious implications for your schedules and budgets and the costs to repair preventable failures can be often exponentially greater than the planned maintenance costs.

Planned intervention through our routine maintenance programs gives you the security of knowing exactly how much you will be spending for the defined maintenance service. To increase cost efficiency you can choose  our “Ensure” maintenance program. Equipment running in peak condition gives you more accurate results and increased confidence in your daily operations.


Key Elements


Fluidics- Pipette tubing syringes and diluter valves are just some of the key components used by liquid handling systems. Keeping these parts free from contamination, damage and general wear is one of the most effective ways to keep your system running within specification.


Calibration  - Accurate and comprehensive records for your system performance, are critical in providing evidence for operational excellence and compliance.


Alignment / Teaching - Verifying that your system gives repeatable results and ensuring system optimisation are key when avoiding process failure and unexplained results.


Lubrication / Adjustment – Laboratory environments, air hoods and generally busy scientific areas are often detrimental to the overall condition of many instruments. Dust and dry air environments regularly lead to poorly lubricated and contaminated mechanics and optics. Taking the time to remove the covers can extend the overall life and increase system performance dramatically.