Bespoke Training

Our in-house technical experts are available to provide bespoke training programs tailored to the customer’s requirements. These can be completed at the clients venue or any other suitable site.

Basic maintenance training for operators / science staff

In this course users will learn the basic principles of machine maintenance.We aim to give an overview of general good working practices and machine specific tasks.

This might be aimed at getting users to change tips, syringes or possibly just set up a machine from scratch.

Basic robot / manipulation device teaching skills

In this course attendees will learn the fundamental principles behind the correct teaching of robots and associated manipulation devices. The course will include specific applications such as 6/7 axis arms, gantry design and random access.

Platform optimisation for HTS systems

Aimed at improving the reliability of any integrated platform or sub assembly. In this course users will learn how to improve throughput on their systems and manage any ongoing problems to solution. During this course it is possible to use a live platform as the example if required. (For complex systems users would need to have basic robot teaching skills. This can be run in conjunction with the course above)

Safety systems overview and operation

This course is aimed at users or organisations who are not familiar with safety systems in relation to automated equipment. Attendees will learn the different forms of safety system, such as interlocks, E-stops and engineering controls. After completion attendees should be competent to create and implement a safe working procedure for the workplace i.e. interlock override procedure.