About Us

Formed in February 2011, Flexible Lab Solutions create unique leasing and servicing packages for automated laboratory equipment. These can be tailored to the exact needs of the client, enabling organisations to be agile without the sacrifice of the modern technologies.


The scientific research industry has been evolving dramatically over the past decade, as large corporations seek to bolster pipelines and reduce expenditure. A resulting factor of these changes is the growth of CRO's,academic research organizations and small biotech companies, many of which have proven experience in efficient operation and survival based performance. As the growth of this industry segment continues, the need to bridge the technology gap between the consolidating mainstream and evolving small industries will need to be closed. Flexible Lab Solutions provides the perfect link between the two, introducing affordable technology and allowing dynamic companies to adapt and put themselves ahead of the competition.


We currently don't have any vacancies, but we are always on the lookout for experienced and talented individuals to join our team. If you are interested please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your CV.


Flexible Lab Solutions have a rapidly expanding client base throughout Europe. Although specialising in small target driven companies , we also have a range of corporate customers.

In both cases our customers continue to return due to our high quality service and customer focus.

The Services of Flexible Lab Solutions allow us to react with extreme agility on our incoming projects and thus provide maximum service to our customers, by still keeping up cost efficiency

Phillip Gribbon,CSO.European Screening Port